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Custom PC Builds

PC Repair Plymouth - Build a PC

If you’re looking for a new machine we can custom build it, tailored to your needs and budget. Building a PC will always be cheaper than buying off the shelf.

Unlike buying straight from the store, you can be sure every part is high quality, no corners cut and the best performance for your money.

Have a look at the examples below with breakdowns of the total cost as well as any fees and see for yourself.

Budget Gaming PC

This is a recent build completed for a customer in Plympton. Budget gaming machine built to play the latest games in high quality while keeping cost as low as possible. View part breakdown and cost.

Gaming PC

All out Gaming PC Build for customer who had a aesthetic design in mind. This much higher spec build is a beast, but expensive. Always a pleasure building machines like this.

Amazon Black Friday PC Build

Black Friday Build

Rebuilding a machine. Using as many old parts as possible and buying new parts during the black friday sales.