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17th November 2019


Budget PC Build

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Low Budget, High Performance

Budget Gaming PC Build

This PC was built for a customer with a lower budget in mind. The performance is key, the build is as future-proof as possible so when they have the time and money they can easily upgrade for more performance.

Key areas we cut the cost down here are the case and storage.

Cost and Parts

How much did this build cost?

  • Parts: £436.59
  • Build Fee: £50
  • Total: £486.59
Note: the links provided are affiliate links and prices are likely to change depending on when you buy.
These prices are a guideline and current at the time of building this PC.

Customer re-used an old 500GB HDD to pair with a new, cheap SSD for installing windows 10. Cheap brand but in my experience they perform well and cost is very attractive.

There are cheaper options available but I don’t usually like taking the risk. For not too much extra I recommend going for a brand you trust with proven performance. I’ve seen people lose expensive parts because their cheap power supply blew.

Simply a cost cutting measure here. 8GB DDR4 ram but the easiest option to upgrade in the future. Ideal build would be 16GB.

Looks great for the price. Lightweight and acrylic sidepanel (sadly no tempered glass) But the front mesh dust filters lift off easily for cleaning.

Low cost & Solid graphics card. Ideal for a budget machine. Will also get a good return if you later upgrade and sell it on.

I’ve built quite a few machines with this CPU now and can’t fault it at all. Amazing performance for this price! Also comes with a good performing cooler saving extra money on cooling.

There are cheaper options available but this Gigabyte board for an extra £12.00 or so has quad channel ram for an easy upgrade in future.

Made to order

Custom PC Builds

Make it personal

We design and build computers to suit every need. From a budget office pc to complete gaming rig we have you covered.

Each build is tailored to your needs and budget. Including overclocking, utilities, anti-virus and a standard software package to get you started (all freeware and no extra cost to the build). 

For more information and a free quote contact us anytime.