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25th November 2019


Gaming PC

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High Performance, High Price

Big Budget, High Performance Gaming PC Build

Customer had a big budget in mind for a top spec gaming pc. They wanted a low-key black and white glowing aesthetic so it wasn’t too distracting having it in the living room. This is the breakdown in parts.

Cost and Parts

How much did this build cost?

  • Parts: £1,789.60 (-350 for pre-owned GPU)
  • Build Fee: £100
  • Total: £1,539.60
Note: Cost of parts when built, some may have been on offer or changed since. Click the links to see current prices.

Pre built or custom built


Building a PC part by part will always work out cheaper than an off the shelf solution. Companies have to make their money somewhere and it’s usually in little substitutes you wouldn’t think about. Like a small SSD for programs and large HDD for storage. Cheap power supply and case or stock cooling options.

This is however a big budget PC, have a look at a similar option off the shelf. An option from Stormforce.

Cut corners where you can, or upgrade later

Best Value

The prebuilt option, to it’s credit has most of what our build has as well as a much more powerful (and expensive CPU) with the CPU jumping up by around £400-500 more than our Ryzen 5.

But the custom built option has a full aesthetic build with GPU backplate, RGB fans & SSDs, Sleeved cables and a solid AIO cooler. As well as the secondary storage being SSD and not HDD.

The total price difference: £1,159.35 (including build fee)

This isn’t a like for like comparison but both machines will perform the same level and that difference in price is too big to ignore.

Made to order

Custom PC Builds

Make it personal

We design and build computers to suit every need. From a budget office pc to complete gaming rig we have you covered.

Each build is tailored to your needs and budget. Including overclocking, utilities, anti-virus and a standard software package to get you started (all freeware and no extra cost to the build). 

For more information and a free quote contact us anytime.