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22nd November 2019

more windows update problems

Windows Update Warning: Do Not Install!

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One of the things I love about my job is the variation. I enjoy solving problems and fixing things, but recently it’s been a lot of the same… Problems with Windows Updates. So many computers have crashed while installing an update and the next time you boot up? well it doesn’t boot up. Now theres a even more concern as a new scam is circulating and a lot of people are falling for it.

How does it work?

Users are receiving an email from “Microsoft” containing instructions to update their windows 10 systems. The email subject line contains “Install latest microsoft windows update now!” or “Critical Microsoft Windows Update!”

What does it do?

The update once installed contains ransomware which is a horrible virus. It will lock up all your files and folders with encryption and you won’t be able to open any file or folder on your machine until you pay to remove it. Once infected, most security firms always advise against paying to remove the ransomware for a number of reasons. 1, Theres no guarantee you’ll get your files back and 2, It supports their activities and proves the system works and is profitable.

How to Avoid it

You should only ever update your system from the settings app built into windows. Usually when you have to update your windows 10 system you’ll see “update and shutdown” from the shutdown menu. Microsoft will never email you asking for any details, ask you to confirm anything and definitely not to download anything. The best way to protect yourself is delete the email and block the sender. If in doubt, or you already have a Virus and need help please contact us and I’ll be happy to help. More information about this update problem can be found here and here