Computer & Laptop Repairs

Most computers and laptops will be fixed on site, or taken away to complete the repair and deliver back to you at no extra cost. This will reduce the cost and waiting for things to install or data to backup/restore.

Whether you have a PC that won’t turn on, Laptop in need of a screen repair or not charging properly, we’ve dealt with it all. If your device breaks don’t panic, call us today and we’ll fix it.


These are some of the things we do.

Computer Repairs

Regardless of how small or severe the problem is we’ll be able to fix your desktop PC. Anything from small software errors, things not behaving as they should or if you need replacement parts we’ll order and fit them for you.

Laptop Repairs

As with Desktop PC problems we can also replace broken screens, keyboards or hinges and power ports. These are all the most common laptop problems we encounter, just contact us with the make and model of your laptop and we’ll fix it.

Data Recovery

Sometimes we don’t backup data or don’t think about it until it’s too late. Regardless to whether you’ve accidentally deleted some valuable documents or pictures or your drive is failing, in most cases we’re very successful at recovering the lost information.

Data Backup

To prevent losing information you may want a backup of your important pictures or documents. We’ll talk you through the best practices and set you up with a regular and reliable backup plan. Locally or in the cloud.


Before throwing away your slightly older machines you may breathe more life into it with an upgrade! We can let you know exactly what your machine will benefit from or if it’s cost effective to do so.

PC Builds

Have a complete custom built PC to suit your own needs, be it high end gaming or just a general household computer, all builds tailored to suit you and at a fraction of the price from stores.

Networking & WiFi

WiFi problems can be infuriating, if you’re not getting coverage and need a stronger WiFi signal at home or work, we can plan out the best option for you and set everything up for you.

Web Hosting

As well as building websites, we host them too! giving you affordable hosting for your website, email accounts or both. We have different plans to suit everyone.